I am a member of the Visual Systems Lab in the Intelligent Systems Research Group at York. This page summarizes my research interests. Most work is done in collaboration with others. Links that look like this: [*] take you to a relevant publication reference where the students and colleagues who have worked with me are co-authors. Other links (the ones not in square brackets) take you deeper into this section of the site.

Face Image Processing

  • A new scheme for covariance matrix regularization [*] gives excellent results when applied to appearance-based face processing. Using conditional density estimation, 3D face structure can be recovered from mugshots without explicit modelling of shape [*].
  • We are investigating methods for speeding up the training phase of cascaded classifiers that use Haar basis functions for face detection.
  • Earlier activity in face image processing is summarized here and related pages (follow the links under "IMAGING HUMANS").

Motion Picture Parsing and Summarization

  • SAM [*] is a system for real-time projective transform estimation and mosaicing between frames of a video sequence. We are developing efficient plane+parallax 3D estimators that will extend SAM to make frame-to-frame depth estimates. The long-term objective is a smart camcorder that forms models of scenes as you record them.
  • We are applying SAM plus hierarchical classification to automated [*] and semi-automated [*] movie analysis, and developing reverse storyboarding methods [*] for video summarization.

Image and Video Coding

  • Adaptive Prediction Trees (APT) [*] is a high-performance still-image compression scheme, based on interpolative predictive coding. As well as continuing to make improvements to the core method, we are applying APT to 3D-image [*] and video coding.
  • In object-based coding our recent publications [*] [*] are about motion segmentation and region description.

Video-Augmented Environments

  • We have developed a number of Video-Augmented Environments including PenPets [*], dtouch [*] and the Audiophoto Desk [*]. We're continuing to develop VAE applications and the supporting technology, particularly reliable image analysis algorithms for all lighting conditions, and robust marker recognition for customizable augmented objects.

Most of my research is done using CLIP.