A gallery of pictures of our VAEs

Desktop with pieces of paper augmented by projections
LivePaper showing four concurrent applications including 3D architectural visualization, and user control by gesture. Photo courtesy of Charles Robertson (Memorial University of Newfoundland).
Whiteboard with markings and projected simulated mice
PenPets running on SketchTop showing interaction with markings and physical objects. Photo courtesy of Shaun O'Mahony.
Whiteboard with marked road network and projected vehicles
TrafficSketch running on SketchTop with moving simulated vehicles. Photo courtesy of Kevin Bowman.
Whiteboard with objects and projections
mtouch media VAE. This sequence shows the cloning of picture objects via drawing, marked blocks and projected buttons. Photo courtesy of Enrico Costanza.
Tabletop with printed sheet on which are placed marked blocks
dtouch consumer-grade tangible drum machine. Photo courtesy of Simon Shelley and Enrico Costanza.
Piece of furniture incorporating a table with photos on
the tabletop
The Hewlett-Packard Audiophoto Desk (with software designed in our group). Placement of photos on the desktop triggers the playing of an associated audio clip. The sound levels and placement are controlled by moving photos around the desk. Photo courtesy of David Frohlich.