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20 July 2019, presiding at University of York graduation. The gentleman on the left is bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears, on whom I've just conferred an honorary degree.

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5 July 2019, hiking around Ullswater. Ray would be proud of me.


Welcome to what's left!

From the glory days of the 1990s when this site hosted a worldwide collaborative playground called Whimsy and publication of hundreds of visitor-defined top-ten lists, through the provision, until about 2010, of CGI-based interactive gadgets for everything from linear algebra to instant opinion-polling, my webspace has shrunk to a collection of static resources. The time cost of maintaining interactive webpages on a private site became prohibitive. There's still support here for my software design textbook and open source code. And there are pictures, music and writing, though more of those are now represented on Flickr, on a meandering blog I sometimes extend, and even, occasionally on LinkedIn or Facebook.

I work at the University of York. For much of the 2010s I had a senior management role but I've now gone back to my substantive position as a professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering. For information on that, please see my York home page.

There are three ways these pruned webpages might again multiply, one from my research at work, and two from other interests. So I don't want to retire them soon. Should the renaissance not happen, they'll eventually bow out some time between 2025 and 2030.

In the meantime, sample a sonnet, sing to a song, or even admire some one-liner picture creations (despite the interactive interface to make your own having gone the way of all the CGI programs). You'll find everything through the menu on the left.

Thanks for visiting!