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Requests and rules

Please help me build up a corpus of ideas and opinions for newer, more dynamic visualizations, by adding a pin or two (preferably with multi-word text and with a link).

All pin contents are in the public domain. So when you add text and a link, you are saying you will not try to claim copyright at some later date, or stop the data from being incorporated in any databases.

There are no guarantees that your pin, your text, the interactive pinboard, the pictures, the website, or anything will remain online.

Right now this is an opinion-gathering project and I'd rather people add what they like without me trying to police it. I will have to remove stuff if it is illegal, if my website supplier prohibits it, or if I decide I want to. As I said, no guarantees. The ultimate aim of all this is to develop wiki-like collaboration in a spatial and visual way, so please be creative in what you contribute. This means you can advertise, but don't hog space by spelling out phrases or arranging pins in big patterns.

If you've got this far, you'll probably be a careful, thoughtful, pin-sticker. So here are one or two extra thoughts for you:

John Robinson. 23 June 2006.

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